Blade blanks and knife steel

Here you can find materials and complete blank blades to build your own personalized knife!

These are unfinished blades so they need some final optimization and finishing before they can be placed on the handle. Most blades are sharp and ready to use but they are often not polished on a high grit stone >#5000. Also the edge is not always straight and might contain a slight wave. If you order our "edge refinement service" we will fully reshape and sharpen the edge and remove any warps, wobbles or waves, we will also sharpen the edge to a razor sharpness up to #12.000 polishing stones.

You could also polish the inside of the blade near the handle (more easy when the handle is not attached) and if you like you can also polish the back of the knife. This can all be done by clamping the blade in a vice and taking some waterproof (canvas or cloth backed) sanding paper and some elbow grease. start with a very course paper (#60) and work your way up to for example 1000 or higher grit for a nice shiny blade. a 400 grit will give it a soft velvet feel.

Almost all blades are a little bit warped and they need some fine tuning in that sense. You can easily fix the warp of the blades by getting a square piece of wood and adding a sawcut to one of the sides. This creates a ‘bending stick’

Using this device you can easily bent the knife into the required 'straightness'.

Here is also a link:

BEWARE: The raw individual pieces of steel are already forged and hardened and do not lend themselves to re-forging. These pieces can be used for "stock removal" using a grinding machine or sanding machine with watercooling (or regular cooling in a waterbath). You can check this process on various very interesting YouTube video's!

Reforging and hammering will lead to delamination and this cannot be fixed!

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