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Bonsai blades and scissors

Bonsai shaping

After the first step (obtaining / cultivating a tree suitable for Bonsai purposes) it is time to shape and shape the tree.
Pruning is of great importance to shape and preserve trees to miniature, with the main aim to create a balanced and realistic reflection of reality. It is important to at least purchase concave tongs; this forceps are used to prune relatively thick branches and leave a hollow wound that heals faster and nicer.

In the following cases, pruning is often recommended:

  • When two branches spring from the same height
  • When branches show unnatural twists
  • When branches are disproportionately thick at the top

Jin and Shari are two techniques to make trees look older than they actually are by creating bare parts on branches or the trunk. For this technique you need a Jin knife (flat thin blade) and Jin seal (lime scale).


The uncovering and bleaching of a branch.
By removing a branch from a tree from its bark, you can give the tree a "rough" appearance and it also looks a lot older. Be careful that the whole looks natural, which is more difficult than it seems.

The uncovering, bleaching and/or hollowing out of a part of a trunk by removing part of the trunk from its bark a very dramatic effect can be obtained, and the tree looks older.

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