Business address: Japan Trading Hogebrinkerweg 15-C 3871 KM Hoevelaken was founded in 2011 by the young entrepreneurs Marieke and Christian Jagersma together with father / father in law Willem Mak. The passion for Japanese kitchen knives began in 2005 and got a boost in 2008 after a visit to Japan and the forge of Ichiro Hattori and a number of other forges in Seki. Only in 2011 the webshop was a fact. We try to import the knives directly from the smithy so that we can offer the best prices and the best products and we hope to spread the passion for Japan and the Japanese chef's knives in the Netherlands and abroad. We are happy to provide you with personal advice and are happy to show you all the ins and outs of Japanese chef's knives.

Customer service:

We are always reachable via email: and try to respond to your request as soon as possible (no later than 48 hours). You can also contact us via Whatsapp +316-19868666.

Contact details and directions:

Since we are primarily a webshop and wholesaler and do not have a shop, you can not visit us physically during shop hours. You can, if you wish, make an appointment to view the products. In all cases you must make an appointment, otherwise you may be faced with a closed door.

You can use a PIN machine with us. We are very centrally located in the country near Amersfoort at 2 km from Hoevelaken station (20 minutes walk). You can park for free. From Amersfoort Central Station it takes 5 minutes by train to Station Hoevelaken The Amersfoort central Hoevelaken route is a Connexxion connection, you must purchase a separate ticket for this or activate "travel with Connexxion" on your OV-Chipkaart. The Valleilijn train runs between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen and Barneveld. The train runs twice an hour between Amersfoort and Ede-Wageningen. Monday to Saturday during the day 4x per hour between Barneveld Center and Amersfoort.

Japan Trading is registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort under number 54884039 and our VAT number is NL001923202B32

If you have any questions, you can ask them via the form below. You can also contact us directly by emailing

You can also leave a link on our Facebook page

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  • Shipping costs international parcel (non-express)
    Shipping costs international parcel (non-express)

    If you have placed an order but still want to have it delivered to your home adress instead of pick it up it in Hoevelaken you can add this "product" to your shopping cart. If you state your order number when ordering, we will…

    € 25,00
  • DHL Express courier mail within EU
    DHL Express courier mail within EU

    If you would like a faster shipping you can choose the following product, this will ensure a super fast shipping of your products within the EU.

    Regular shipping time will be around 3-21 days, with the express courier service…

    € 40,00
  • DHL Parcel shipping (EU non-express)
    DHL Parcel shipping (EU non-express)

    If you would like to use DHL Parcel within the EU (non-express) you can choose the following product.

    Regular shipping time will be around 3-21 days.

    Because of COVID-19 chaos in may countries shipping can be delayed…

    € 15,00
  • DHL Express shipping Worldwide
    DHL Express shipping Worldwide

    If you want faster shipping, you can choose the following product, which ensures super fast worldwide shipping of your products.

    The normal shipping time is about 3-21 days, with the courier service it will be reduced to 1-4…

    € 68,00
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