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There are a number of regions in Japan that have been involved in the forging of swords and knives for several centuries. The province "Echigo" in north-central Japan is one of the better known regions. "Echigo" is the old name for this site, which can look back on more than 700 years of tradition in forging. The current name of the region is "Niigata prefecture" with the city of Sanjo as its most important center. The forging family Hinoura lives and works here.

Hinoura Family

Tsukasa Hinoura is a third generation blacksmith. He sees himself as "Hamono-Kaji," which means something like "smith of handmade knives of the highest quality". His knives are fully made: from the first blow to the red-hot steel, the fastening of the handle. This gives him complete control over the quality. To emphasize this extra, each knife engraved the name "Tsukasa" in Kanji characters on the knife. The specialness of the "Tsukasa" knives is that they are really completely hand-forged from raw steel. The Tsukasa knives are made in the "Hi-zukuri" method, ie the individual layers are forged together by heating. A work that takes many hours and requires the highest attention during forging. Long days and a great deal of experience in dealing with materials and assessing the forging temperature is a prerequisite for being able to forge the best knives in the world.

Mutsumi Hinoura is the son of Tsukasa, Mutsumi san is now the 4th generation and he has taken over the forging of his father. Tsukasa only forges a handful of knives a year.

Unfortunately, the edition ofHinoura knives is extremely low. Only a few hundred knives are produced per year. is very happy to offer a number of these knives now.

ATTENTION: We mistakenly sold a number of Mutsumi knives as being from Tsukasa, this was a mistake. Did you buy a Tsukasa knife and you want to know if it is really a Tsukasa or a Mutsumi you can mail us with the order number. We apologize for this mistake.





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