Kosuke Muneishi (Tosa)

Kosuke Muneishi
Tosa (city in Kochi prefecture) is known as one of the knife producing areas in Japan. Due to moderate temperatures and high rainfall, there was a large amount of high quality wood. So knives have been produced for forestry operators and busho, military commanders in the Sengoku period, were also in high demand. It is said that there were 399 blacksmiths in Tosa here in 1590 according to an old inspection report at the time.

Although the procedure of the knife in production changes to mechanization with time, it is still manufactured by hand using traditional techniques.

Muneishi-hamono was founded in 1955, Mr. Hirotaka Muneishi, the second-generation blacksmith, produces knives for logging wood, such as the ax knife, and Kosuke Muneishi, the third-generation blacksmith, forges kitchen knives. Muneishi performs tempering, forging, hammering and edging knives by hand.

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