Chef's knives (Gyuto)

Chef's knives are called "Gyuto" or "Gyutou" in Japanese. Gyuto knives are suitable for the larger jobs and especially for meat, ultry. The Japanese Gyuto's differ in a number of respects from the Western chef's knives: Gyuto's are generally thinner and do not have a continuous bolster, making it easier to grind a Gyuto because the "heel" of the knife can also be pulled over the whetstone.

Sometimes you also see the term Wa-Gyuto, this means that it is a gyuto blade but with a traditional (octagonal, round or D shaped) handle without riveted bolster. The chef's knives from the Mcusta HZ2 series are examples of Wa-Gyuto's

Gyuto knives are available in sizes ranging from 180 to 300 mm (blade length). The most commonly used sizes are 210 and 240 mm.


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