Yanagiba/Takohiki (traditional)

Below is an overview of the traditional Japanese Yanagiba and Takohiki (straight point) knives. These knives are often not rust-resistant and single-sided (making them suitable only for right-handed use).

You can read more about traditional Japanese knives here.

If you are looking for a universal blade that is double-sided (so suitable for both left and right-handed use) we can recommend the Sujihiki knives from the MCUSTA Hybrid series. This series has the appearance of a traditional knife with the advantages of "western knives" (including rust resistance).

  • The VG-10 series Sujihiki (available in 3 sizes, 240mm, 270mm and 300mm) are good alternatives to traditional Yanagiba knives.

Sujihiki knives are the "western" variant of the Japanese Yanagiba, a Sujihiki is lighter and thinner than a Yanagiba and is double-sided.

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