Chozaburo (Wakui/Hinoura)

Chozaburo is a brand of Babacho Hamono (babachokanamono Co., Ltd, Sanjo-shi, Niigata) and in addition to its own production of Babacho Tabiki knives (work knives and camping knives), it also has a series of chef's knives made by the two top blacksmiths Mutsumi Hinoura-san and Toshihiro Wakui-san.

The handle is made of burnt chestnut wood. A special feature is that the handle remains stiff when it becomes damp. The handle is oval (suitable for left and right-handed use).

The Hinoura family is a very famous family of blacksmiths from Sanjo (Niigata). The family started making knives more than 120 years ago. Tsukasa Hinoura san is the 3rd generation and is known worldwide for its excellent knives and is considered one of the best knife makers both in Japan and abroad. His son Mutsumi Hinoura is the 4th generation of knifesmiths and makes this Chozaburo series, among others.

Toshihiro Wakui is a very talented craftsman who used to work for Yoshikane Hamono in Sanjo. He started his own knife shop in Sanjo and his excellent knives were a well-kept secret among Japanese knife enthusiasts. Recently he has become better known and his knives are increasingly appreciated. Forged by White 2 steel (Shirogami), is very thin behind the edge and with a high hardness of about HRC 63-64, Wakui-san is defenitely the next upcoming blacksmith in the knife world! 

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