Vegetable knives (Nakiri)

Vegetable knives are known in Japan under the names Nakiri (double-sided sharpened) or Usuba (single-sided sharpened). These straight cut blades are ideal for cutting vegetables and chopping herbs. Nakiri knives are suitable for both right- and left-handed chefs. Usuba knives are especially suitable for right-handed use because they are single-sided. Usuba knives are sometimes also available for left-handed use, but an additional price applies.

Usuba knives are traditional Japanese chef's knives and often heavier and thicker than Nakiri knives. For home use, we recommend Nakiri knives.

Usuba knives can be distinguished grooved way in Azumagata and Kama-Usuba. The Azumagata knives have a straight point and are mainly used in the eastern part of Japan. The Kama-Usuba knives have a round sloping point.

Below is a YouTube video in which the difference between a Usuba and Nakiri is explained in a funny way.

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