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Kagemitsu Amefuri, Kiritsuke , 270 mm, Sanmai, Aogami #1, -non-stainless cladding - sharpened-

€ 139,00 (including VAT)

Japanese Kiritsuke blade with a hand-forged Aogami # 1 (Blue paper) steel core with a non-rust-resistant outer layer. This blade is ground and hardened. The knife has a beautiful Kuroichi (black) protective layer. With a Japanese style handle this knife can be turned in a wonderful traditional Kiritsuke knife suitable for fine cutting of meat and fish.

The Kagemitsu Amefuri ("rain shower") knives are specially forged for Japansemessen.nl and have been given the name to remember the bond and the eternal fight against the water in both Japan and the Netherlands. In July 2019 it is 1 year since Japan has endured historically heavy rain showers with more than 175 victims as a result.

  • Blade length around 270 mm.
  • Total length (incl. Nakago): 375 mm
  • Weight: 140-150 grams
  • With Nakago for Japanese handles.
  • These are rough unfinished blades and might need some final finishing, straightening and sharpening to a razor edge

Individual handles can be ordered here (the handle in the photo is for illustrative purposes only, no handle is supplied with the knife.)

Before the handle can be placed the nakago and back of the blade can be sanded and or polished. It is also often needed to straighten the blade to align it perfectly with the handle.

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