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Gyokucho Razor Saw "Blue steel" Ryoba - Japanese saw - professional

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Gyokucho Razorsaw "Blue steel", 玉鳥, Japanese double-sided pull saw.

The Gyokucho saws have a characteristic saw blade that is sharpened on both sides. One side is for trimming and the other for scalloping (cutting along with the fiber). The Gyokucho cuts quickly and efficiently without having to constantly change saw or saw blade.

This traditional Ryoba saw has very good sawing properties and can be used for finer sawing. These saws are among the better Japanese saws. Use this handy Ryoba for, for example, model building and instrument building. The saw is traditionally equipped with a wooden handle and a razor-sharp saw blade in 3 different lengths.

On the crosscut side, the saw has a three-sided ground trapezoidal toothing (21 TPI). The scallop side of the saw blade has a triangular toothing that goes up to 12 TPI. The saw blades of this Ryoba are induction (locally) hardened, but the teeth can be reground.

The saw blades are replaceable (screw connection)

This saw comes with a plastic cover.

  • Blade lengths: 210, 240 and 270 mm
  • Total length: from 540 mm
  • Weight: from 162 grams
  • Steel type: Japanese Aogami #2 carbon steel (60-61 HRc),
  • Magnolia wood handle, wrapped with rattan
  • This saw is non-rust resistant.
  • Made in Japan
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