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Raw Chinese Tung oil (woodoil), 100 ml

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Tung oil (wood oil)

Special oil for the maintenance of cutting boards or for the treatment of wooden protective covers and unprocessed handles.

100 ml

The seeds of the Tung tree that are reminiscent of enormous chestnuts contain the valuable Tung oil. From these seeds the Chinese wood oil or Tung oil is won with which wooden objects can be finished and protected beautifully both inside and outside, and a silk-gloss protective film For centuries Tung oil, also known as Chinese wood oil, is used for making underneath other paint and ink. However, the most important application of Tung oil is finishing all sorts of wooden objects. Tung oil is extracted from the seeds of the Tung tree and professionals use Tung oil mainly to finish wooden objects. Tung oil is therefore seen as the best natural oil finish that exists.

Pure or raw wood oil is a finishing product that gives a strong, flexible and water-repellent surface. Tung oil is a drying oil just like linseed oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil and so on. Tung oil is not only used in China for finishing wood but also for finishing stone. Moreover, Tung oil is seen as the best protection for wooden ships. According to tradition, Marco Polo was the one who introduced Tung oil in the Western countries although it was only used to a limited extent until the 19th century. In the 19th century, however, Tung oil was "discovered" by paint and varnish makers as a very valuable ingredient for their products and today the quality of a product is also determined based on the percentage of Tung oil present in that product. In the meantime, Tung oil has been favored by many over lolie because it dries faster, is stronger and does not get dark with time.

Because the Tungboom is very sensitive to frost, it is only successfully grown in China and South America, which limits the supply of Tung oil and the price is therefore quite high.

Pure Tung oil is water resistant, penetrates well, is elastic and usually does not tear. Tung oil quickly gives a firm layer thickness, protects the wood perfectly and gives a transparent, matte finish. You store Tung oil best in a sealed bottle with as little oxygen as possible (full bottles). Raw Tung oil smells slightly to nuts, is light yellow in color and contains no thinners or drought.

Application of pure wood oil

The surface must be smooth and dust-free before the Tung oil is applied. Any sanding sealers, stains and pore fillers must also already be used. The first layer of Tung oil should be applied well and can be rubbed into the wood using an old rag. Allow the Tung oil to settle for about 30 minutes and then remove the excess Tung oil with clean, dry cloth. After half an hour, check whether there are still wet areas and remove the excess Tung oil. Let the layers dry for 3 to 7 days before applying the next coat. How many layers of Tung oil are required is determined by the workpiece. For most objects, usually 1 to 2 layers of Tung oil are sufficient; on objects made from head wood sometimes 10 layers of Tung oil can be applied.

To thin this Tung oil, turpentine oil is used (note: turpentine oil is slightly different than turpentine). You can mix the Tung oil with, for example, 50% turpentine oil so that you not only increase the penetrating power (and therefore the protective value) but also shorten the drying time of the tung oil. If you want to shorten the drying time of the oil even further, you can of course add a dash of Siccative to the turpentine oil (if necessary).

Due to the strong water-repellent character of Tung oil, it is an excellent finish for kitchen tables, cutting boards, shower paneling and the like. Because Tung oil is also food safe, it can also be used beautifully for finishing children's toys and furniture. Tung oil is also a great product in the workshop. It provides excellent water-repellent protection on all metal machine parts such as the tables and guides of sawing, drilling and milling machines. It goes without saying that the wooden handles of your chisels in the workshop experience Tung oil as a real indulgence.

Tung oil gives a matte finish.

Maintenance of a surface finished with Tung oil is very simple. By periodically applying a thin new layer of Tung oil with the aid of a cloth, you can repair any damage and also increase the patina of older objects. A floor or other wooden object that is provided with a layer of Tung oil therefore never needs to be sanded again, but only to be given a new layer each year.

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