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Turpentine oil 100%, 100 ml

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Turpentine oil.

Turpentine oil is used when painting with oil paint to thin the paint or for wood treatment to dilute linseed oil or tung oil so that it penetrates deeper into the wood. It is an excellent solvent for linseed oil and for Tung oil, both of which are used to make the paint more greasy. Tung oil and linseed oil, however, dry very slowly; Even if the turpentine oil has long since evaporated from the oil, the paint remains wet. Turpentine oil is also used to dilute the varnish on an oil painting.

Turpentine oil is often confused with turpentine (mineral spirits). There are even manufacturers who mention both the turpentine oil and turpentine on one package. Turpentine oil, however, is the natural product while turpentine is a petroleum derivative with very different properties.

Turpentine oil smells nice but appearances are deceiving! in combination with the fact that it is a natural product, it could give the impression that it would be harmless and unfortunately that is not the case; turpentine oil is also harmful to health.

Turpentine is usually extracted from pine, but the fir, cedar or larch are also suitable. The purification process from the wood to turpentine is called rectification (cascaded distillation). During the rectification, among other things, the resinous substances, which evaporate when the volatile components evaporate, disappear as a sticky, resinous residue. If turpentine is not stored in the dark, peroxide is formed under the influence of the light, which causes the formation of camphor derivatives, which make the liquid turbid. This process is called inaccurate, also called "rescuing".

This oil is NOT suitable for consumption and is toxic.

The oil is therefore not suitable for products that come into contact with food.

The plastic bottle is refillable and reusable for other purposes.

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