Tsutomu Kajiwara (Tosa)

Tsutomu Kajiwara knives are made in Tosa Japan. Mr. Kajiwara is a third generation blacksmith and he is 64 years old. These knives are fantastic values since they're made with high quality Aogami #2 (Blue Paper #2) steel with good heat treatment and high hardness at HRC62. The handles on these knives are made of rosewood with ebony ferrules.

Tsutomu Kajiwara knives are made in Tosa, located in Kōchi Prefecture on the southern Japanese Island of Shikoku. The damascus line knives have an nice grey color, with a damascus pattern that has wonderful depth and definition, appearing almost holographic in the right light.

The kurouchi knives are elegant representatives of the traditional rustic carbon blackened finish that has been popular throughout Japan for a very long time. We think these knives are a tremendous value, providing incredible utility, excellent quality materials, and masterful workmanship, at a realistic price point.

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  • Tsutomu Kajiwara Sumi Gyuto (chef's knife), 240 mm
    Tsutomu Kajiwara Sumi Gyuto (chef's knife), 240 mm

    Tsutomu Kajiwara Sumi Gyuto,

    This Japanese Chef's knife has a core of Japanese Aogami #2 "Blue paper" non-stainless carbon steel with a very nice damask pattern. The blade is sharpened on both sides. Completely hand-forged by the…

    € 199,00
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