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Kagemitsu SKS Diamond paste, polishing paste for use on felt or stropping device (5 grams)

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Kagemitsu SKS Diamond paste

High-quality polishing paste for kitchen knives, razors and other tools. Diamond paste is a paste with diamond powder in various coarseness, which gives a very nice polishing result when used on a stropping sling or strop on a wooden base. The paste can also be used very well to manually polish the surface of a blade to a mirror-smooth result.
Preferably the blade should be polished with at least a # 1000 water stone before polishing. The diamond paste is supplied in a syringe with approximately 5 grams of paste, the paste is oil-soluble.

How to use:

Pour small amount from the syringe onto the sling / lap / rag,
Then spread over the surface so that an even layer is formed everywhere.
Then the knife should be pushed under the right sharpening angle (10-15 degrees for Japanese kitchen knives) over the surface (with the cut, so never against it).
With one application of paste multiple knives can be finished,
With regular grinding / polishing on a sling with diamond paste it is easy to maintain cuts, which greatly reduces the need for grinding on water stones and you always have a sharp knife available.

The Kagemisu paste is available in no less than 12 grits:

  • 0.5 microns (# 30,000 grain) high gloss (mirror) polishing
  • 1 micron (# 15,000 grain) high gloss (mirror) polishing
  • 1.5 microns (# 10,000 grain) high gloss (mirror) polishing
  • 2.5 micron (# 8000 grain) high-gloss polishing
  • 3.5 micron (# 6000 grain) high-gloss polishing
  • 5 microns (# 5000 grain) satin polish
  • 7 microns (# 4000 grit) of silk gloss polishing
  • 10 microns (# 3000 grain) laws and remove small scratches
  • 14 microns (# 2000 grit) grinding
  • Grinding 20 microns (# 2000 grit)
  • 28 microns (# 2000 grain) coarse grinding
  • 40 microns (# 2000 grain) coarse grinding and "stock removal"
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