Japanese market!

Are you also coming to the first Japanese market in Hoevelaken?

Just a 15-minute walk from Hoevelaken station, it's time for the indoor Japanese market again on February 24! With more than 50 meters of stalls, Japanese street food, trinkets, sake, cake, Kawaii, creative, workshops and activities for young and old!

When? February 24th 2024 10:00-16:00 in De Stuw Hoevelaken

The Japanese Market is made possible by JETRO, the Japanese Organization for External Trade!

Who's coming!

  • Dojin Ceramics (@Dojinceramics)
    • Japanese Ceramics, kurinuki, furoshiki and kohakuto.
  • Peter van Berkel (@petervanberckel)
  • LiSushi (@_lisushi)
  • Herman Roovers (@nihon20142018) and Nolico Suzuki
  • Mio Hartje Japan (@miohartjejapan)
    • Bages and accesories from Japanese cloth/textile
  • Ellen Stas (@madebyestas)
    • Unique Japanese style art and gifts
  • Leandra Du Pau Illustration (@leandraleandraleandra)
    • Illustraties, Japanse stijl kunst
  • Hanga land (Yuriko Miyoshi)(@hanga_land)
    • Printmaking, papermaking, workshops
  • Trang Lam (@fluffy.berry_)
    • Japanse stijl tekeningen, drawing art
  • Kim Lam (@kimlam.art)
    • Digital Artist
  • Jaap Driest (@japanese_knives_nl)
    • Custom Japanese knives and handles
  • Japanese Ransels (@japanse_ransels)
    • Japanese style bags and luggage
  • Roy van Altena (@rva.custom_)
    • Hand-forged chef's knives and kiridashi
  • Tea The Moment (@teathemoment)
    • Japanese Matcha & Tea
  • Japanesemessen.nl (@japansemessen.nl)
    • Japanese chef's knives, garden tools, cutting boards and more
  • Kyoko Kimono (@Kyoko_kimono_amsterdam)
    • Modern silk accesories made from traditional Japanese kimonos
  • Sake.nl (@sake.nl)
    • Sake, bier, wodka, shochu, gin, umeshi, yuzushu, awamori, etc
  • Crea Cakery (@creacakery)
    • Cake and more
  • PoepieDoepie.nl (@poepie_doepie.nl)
    •  Kawaii items
  • Wazakura
    • Handmade Japanese Bonsai tools
  • Vichelia
    • Japanese handmade hairdressing scissors
  • Hasegawa
    • Japanese cutting boards and sushi supplies

The Market is full! we cannot accept any new stand holders unfortunately!

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