Tadokoro Hamono

Makoto Tadokoro-san

Makoto started at the age of 16 in Sakai City, Osaka, the home of knives. Here he trained under the best grinder in Sakai and launched his own brand "Marushin". Makoto became independent in 2010 by founding Tosa Knife Studio Tadokoro Hamono.

Since he has been a sharpener for more than 28 years, the skills passed down as Japanese tradition are highly valued in domestic and foreign industries, and his passion for kitchen knives is unparalleled, so he is very highly regarded. It was an honor to meet Makoto and his wife Michiko in March 2023. The love for the profession and the great attitude to life of these people was particularly inspiring.

Today, Makoto-san has become one of Japan's leading sharpeners, recognized by its masters, Japanese knifesmiths and chefs.


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