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Camelia oil, 100 ml

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Japanese camelia oil,

Special oil for the maintenance of non-stainless steel blades (eg Shirogami or Aogami steel). Also suitable for maintenance of pocket knives, garden knives, axles and other carbon steel products.

100 ml with a convenient dosing cap. Can be applied directly to the blade, then wipe over the blade with a cloth or paper.

Camelia oil comes from the seeds of Japanese camellia (Camellia japonica). There are more than 250 evergreen trees and shrubs in the Asian family of tea plants.

Pure Camelia oil is one of the oldest cooking oils in China, Japan and Korea and is used for various dishes like Japanese tempura. This oil does not become rancid and does not polymerize over time, which is why this oil is more expensive than regular weapon / tool oil. The oil is made of pure Camelia oil without any added color odor or flavors.

This maintenance oil is non-toxic and suitable for food contact.

The flacon and cap can differer from the images.

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