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Sharpening aid -Kagemitsu-

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When using Japanese waterstones, it is important to use a constant angle. This handy clip has been specially developed for Japanese knives, allowing you to handle a constant grinding angle, making it a lot easier to sharpen your blade.

These clips have been developed specifically for Japansemessen.nl and have a Dutch-language instruction manual on the back of the package.

The use of this clip is very simple, the clip slides over the back of the blade and then you can grind your stone as you are used to. The only difference that this clip is taken over the sharpening stone. The clip has a ceramic strip on both sides against wear and can be used for a long time.

This grinding aid is only suitable for wider blades such as Gyuto, Santoku or Nakiri. When used on a petty or narrow blade like a Sujihiki, the angle is too large.

Pay attention:

Before use, apply a piece of paper tape to the blade where the pad comes to prevent scratches on the blade.

This product can be shipped as a small package.

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