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Abrasive Pad for non-rust resistant knives, CKK

€ 12,00 (including VAT)

C.K.K. Sanding pad for non-stainless Japanese knives,

With non-stainless knives, dark oxidation spots (patina) or even rust spots can sometimes occur. A sanding pad can be used to remove this oxidation. This Japanese sanding pad has been specially developed for Japanese knives and scissors and is made of a sturdy type of rubber with an abrasive. Very durable.

  • Available in three different coarsenesses: Fine, medium and coarse
  • Brand: C.K.K. Sabitoru
  • Size: 40 x 65 x 8mm
  • Before use, soak in water (a few minutes)

Can also be used for other rusty objects such as skis, bicycle rims, cast iron pans, secateurs, etc.

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