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Mikihisa Kiridashi kogatana (Jin, ent, hobby knife) No. 23 - one-sided -

€ 25,00 (including VAT)

Mikihisa Kiridashi kogatana,

A razor-sharp knife of traditional Japanese steel. This type of knife is used in Japan for wood carving, as a hobby knife and is also sold as Jinmes for the grafting of Bonsai. This knife has a core of Japanese Aogami #2 Blue paper carbon steel. Provided with a layer of stainless steel for protection (Sanmai forged), this knife is single-sided sharpened so that this blade has an even finer cut. This knife is manually sharpened and has a somewhat concave back which makes sharpening on Japanese water stones very easy. This knife is available in 4 sizes:

  • Blade width: 12, 15, 18 and 21 mm (to be chosen via the selection menu)
  • Total length: 170, 175, 180 and 185 mm
  • Weight: 36, 48, 54 and 64 grams
  • Thickness: 3.1 mm
  • Steel type: core steel: Japanese Aogami # 2 steel (non-stainless) with 2 layers of stainless steel (blade is single-sided), the blade is equipped with a Tsuchime (hammered) pattern.
  • The back of the blade is hollowed and is provided with smashed Kanji characters of the blacksmith.
  • Hardness: 62-63 (Rockwell C)
  • No handle
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