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Traditional octagonal handle - African Blackwood with Bocote - (size L)

SKU: Kag-AB-Bocote
€ 44,99 (including VAT)

Traditional Japanese octagonal handle,

This handmade handle of Dalbergia melanoxylon (M'pingo, (African) grenadilla or African Blackwood) is fitted with a lighter colored wooden bolster of Bocote wood (Cordia spp.).

  • Length: 14 cm
  • Diameter: 26 x 21mm
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Size L: suitable for Gyuto, Sujihiki, yanagiba, etc from 180-300 mm

These handles can also be provided with a beautiful laser engraving. You can have your own name or message engraved (in Western characters but also in Traditional Japanese characters!). We can also engrave a handwritten name or signature.

Of course we cannot give any guarantee on these handles if they have been fitted by you.

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