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Kagemitsu Senshi VG-10 Tsuchime damascus Gyuto 210 mm (chef's knife)

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Kagemitsu Senshi VG-10 Gyuto, western handle,

Double-sided sharpened and laminated (Suminagasshi) blade made of stainless steel with a core of Japanese VG-10 steel. The blade is extremely thin and manually sharpened and has no thickening, making sharpening on Japanese water stones very easy.

These knives are handmade in Echizen Japan. The VG-10 core steel is forged between two layers of softer steel, this outer layer is patterned steel so that a very beautiful damascus pattern can be seen. This Suminagashi technique is unique for Japanese knives and is a demonstration of the special forging techniques from Japan. The outer layer ensures that the core steel is well protected against possible damage and oxidation. The outer layer is also equipped with a beautiful hammer blow (Tsuchime) pattern so that products stick to the blade less quickly.

  • Blade length: 210 mm
  • Total length: 335 mm
  • Weight: 184 grams
  • Blade height: 45 mm
  • Blade thickness: 2 mm
  • Steel type: core steel: Japanese VG-10 stainless steel with 2 layers of damascus steel (Suminagashi forged) with hammered pattern (Tsuchime)
  • Hardness: 61 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: black-brown pakka wood handle with seamless riveted stainless steel bolster.

For the engravement you can choose 3 options: 

  • The standard Kagemitsu engravement in Japanse characters (and "Nihonsei" (made in Japan in Japanese)
  • No engravement
  • You own design using standard MS Word font or Japanese characters (we can translate your name into Japanese Kanji if you want!). Engraving will take a few more days before we can ship your knife!

Like all Japanese knives, the Kagemitsu knives are not dishwasher safe, cleaning and drying after each use is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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