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Mokuzai Magnetic Knife block - Oak or Walnut -

€ 149,00 € 99,00 (including VAT)

These magnetic knife blocks are specially commissioned by Japansemessen.nl and are available in 2 different types of wood (walnut and oak)!

Due to the sleek design, the block is very hygienic. No slots where dust or food residues can collect, but a solid block of wood with 5 smooth sides that you can easily wipe with a cloth. The strong magnet ensures that the knives "stick" firmly and the rust-resistant steel base with ball bearings makes it easy to rotate the block around its own axis so that the desired knife is immediately available. This block has a capacity of approximately 8 knives with a maxumum blade length of 270 mm.


  • Height: 275 cm
  • Width: 145 cm
  • Depth: 145 cm
  • Weight: xx kg
  • Material: different types of wood (Oak or Walnut) with extra strong Neodymium magnets.
  • Foot material: Stainless steel with ball bearing axis and rubber underlay.
  • Space for 4 to 12 knives (depending on the size of the knives)
  • Note: This is a natural product, so the colors and grain of the magnetic block may differ.

You can also provide these knife blocks with a name or logo, which we can apply with a beautiful laser engraving.

Please note the delivery time for laser engraving can be more than 5 days, hopefully shorter!

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