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Shizu Hamono Nude+ Gyuto Knife 180mm, AUS8 Steel

SKU: SN-5000
€ 99,99 (including VAT)

Shizu Hamono Nude+ Gyuto Knife 180mm, AUS8 Steel

The gyuto knife is a tool that every cook would have in his or her kitchen. Not only it has an elegant look but it also is truly versatile, as you can use it to cut fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, and more! If the term "gyuto" confuses you, just know that this is the Japanese term for a "chef knife", which is the all-purpose knife present in all kitchens of the Western world.

Due to the rust-resistant type of steel, these knives are not sensitive to oxidation, so they do not require any extra care.

  • Manufacturer : Shizu Hamono Co.,Ltd. (JAPAN)
  • Blade Steel Type : AUS8 Japanese steel
  • Handle Material : AUS8 Japanese steel
  • Knife Type : Gyuto Knife
  • Blade Length : 100mm
  • Total Length : 300mm
  • Weight : 167g
  • Blade Edge : 5mm thick
  • Made in JAPAN

Like all Japanese knives, these blades from Shizu Hamono are not dishwasher safe, cleaning and drying after each use is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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