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Wazakura 3PCS Bonsai Garden Tool Starter Kit

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Wazakura 3PCS Bonsai Garden Tool Starter Kit
Bonsai tools starting kit for beginners or bonsai lovers!

Set includes:

  • Satsuki Bonsai Scissors
  • Tweezers with Rake
  • Bonsai Broom

- Bonsai Satsuki Scissors
Size: L 7.08 x W 3.74 x H 0.67 inch (180mm x 95mm x 17mm)
Length of Blades: 2.04 inch (52mm)
Weight: 5.5oz (156g)
Material: S58C black carbon steel
Color: Traditional Black
Made in Japan (Sanjo, Niigata)
Condition: New

- Stainless Tweezers with Rake
Size: L 8.66 x W 1.18 x H 0.98 inch (220mm x 30mm x 25mm)
Weight: 1.5oz (43g)
Material: Stainless steel

- Bonsai Broom
Size: L 5.51 x W 2.36 x H 0.98 inch (140mm x 60mm x 25mm)
Weight: 0.6oz (18g)
Material: Chinese windmill palm

【 Bonsai Satsuki Scissors 】
Primarily designed for trimming and delicate work in thin branches and narrow spaces.
With a small handle and a long body, this slim design separates the hand far from the blade, allowing the user to reach deeper places with precision.
It severs wood fibers cleanly resulting in faster healing cuts.

【 Stainless Tweezers with Rake 】
2-in-1 tip side works well for removing dead leaves, insects and weeds or applying moss on your bonsai plants.
The rake is great for repotting, stirring up and smoothing soil and moss of your bonsai.

【 Bonsai Broom 】
It is convenient for cleaning fallen leaves and branches after pruning the bonsai. It is ideal for removing small things around the bonsai that cannot be removed by hand.
It is also used for leveling up the soil after repotting.

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