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Wazakura W1.37"(35mm) Block Kanna Planes

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Wazakura W1.37"(35mm) Block Kanna Planes

Product Size: L 7.08 x W 2.06 x H 0.9 inch (180 x 52 x 23 mm)
Weight: 10.37 oz (294 g)
Blade Width: 1.37 inch (35 mm)
Material: Blade: SK85 Carbon Steel, Chipbreaker: S50C Carbon Steel, Body: Oak
Made in Japan
Condition: New

To get the best results from Japanese planes, the blade needs to be set up and tuned up before use.

【Extend the blades】
Hit in the middle of the head with a mallet, and the blade will start to come out from the sole.
Ideally, the cutting edge comes out slightly about the thickness of 0.05 to 0.2㎜ evenly and parallel to the sole.

【Retract the blades】
Hit the corner of the front of the body, and the blade will be drawn inside the sole. Hit the left and right sides alternately when you do this.

Hitting only in the middle may cause the body crack.

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