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Wazakura Curved Bonsai Chisel 7.2" (185 mm)

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Wazakura Curved Bonsai Chisel 7.2" (185 mm)

Size: L 7.28 x W 0.47 x H 0.24inch (L 185 x W 12 x H 6 mm)
Weight: 2.26oz(64g)
Material: Carbon Steel
Origin: Made in Japan (Nagaoka, Niigata prefecture)

【Made in Japan】
Real Japanese tools made by local artisans of Nagaoka in Niigata Prefecture.

【Jin/Shari Tool, Deadwood Scraper】
Tool designed to create natural looking Jin and Shari on your bonsai. It can also be used for other wood carving, engraving or grafting purposes. The concave blade makes it ideal for precise and detailed tasks when need to gouge or carve rounded shapes. It can also be used for flat parts or difficult to reach parts of the tree.

【Sharp and Sturdy Blade】
The edge is very sharp and sturdy. It is versatile, allowing to carve on any angle you need.

【How to Use】
When you want precision, hold the chisel as a pencil. When you want wider carvings, grab it next to the blade (be careful as it is sharp and you could injure yourself). Other uses include carving branch knobs and rugged patches for smoother trunk surface.

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