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Traditional octagonal handle - Balsamo (Santos Mahogany) with Padauk - (size L)

SKU: Kag-Bal-Padauk
€ 44,99 (including VAT)

Traditional Japanese octagonal handle,

This handmade handle of Balsamo/Santos Mahogany (Myroxylon balsamum) is provided with a wooden bolster of Padauk wood (Pterocarpus soyauxii, African Padauk).

Padauk has a very unique reddish orange color and the wood is sometimes referred to as Vermillion. Unfortunately, this dramatic color inevitably darkens to a deep reddish brown.

Padauk is moderately heavy, strong and stiff, with exceptional stability. It is a popular hardwood among hobbyist woodworkers because of its unique color and low cost.

Padauk is perhaps the most commonly misspelled (and mispronounced) wood, with Padouk, Paduk, and Paduak being common misspellings.

  • Length: 14 cm
  • Diameter: 26 x 21mm
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Size L: suitable for Gyuto, Sujihiki, yanagiba, etc from 180-300 mm

These handles can also be provided with a beautiful laser engraving. You can have your own name or message engraved (in Western characters but also in Traditional Japanese characters!). We can also engrave a handwritten name or signature.

Of course we cannot give any guarantee on these handles if they are placed on the blade by you.

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