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Chinese cleaver (vegetable knife), 190mm - DengJia XP05- Extra Heavy

SKU: XP-05
€ 79,00 € 55,00 (including VAT)

Chinese chopping knife from DengJia

Chinese style knife (Chinese Cleaver) of laminated Chinese carbon steel. This knife is intended for chop cutting vegetables and for cleaving meat. (not suitable for cleaving bone and other hard stuff, for this you must use a Deba). The blade is manually sharpened and has no thickenings which makes sharpening very easy. The blade is sharpened on both sides. The profile of this blade is much thicker then the XP-03 making this blade much more suitable for heavy duty work.

  • Blade length: 195 mm
  • Total length: 315 mm
  • Weight: 460-470 grams
  • Steel type: Non-rust resistant carbon steel (Sanmai forged with iron on the outside)
  • Hardness: 61 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: Western style handle with full tang construction of hardwood with steel fixing pins
  • The core steel in this blade is highly sensitive to rust, this is a normal characteristic of these blades and does not cause any harm. You can easiliy remove the rust by using an abrasive pad for knives.

Like all knives, Dengjia's handmade knives are not dishwasher-proof, after every use cleaning and drying is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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