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Original Bog Oak (Morta) wood (Belarus) - straight grain-

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Original fozzilized Bog Oak from Belarus - straight grain-

With this wood it is possible to manufacture your own handle as desired. 1 block contains enough wood for 1 traditional Japanese handle.

Bog Oak Wood. The wood sold under the name of bog oak is used to make high-quality knife handles. Bog oak is not a separate oak species, but oak wood that has been submerged in a bog for a long time. Oak trunks are found in bogs, swamps, on riverbanks and lake shores, where they have been submerged for several centuries or even millennia.

The wood is usually stained gray/black with brown undertones by tannins dissolved in the acidic water. In addition to taking on a dramatically deeper color, bog oak also becomes extremely dense.  This is driven by the wood's partial mineralization, which also renders it almost rock-hard.  While bog oak's physical properties vary considerably from specimen to specimen, it is generally very tough on cutting blades due to its excessive hardness.

Oak (or oak wood) is one of the best known types of wood. In general, oak is strong and hard, yet fairly easy to work and finish.

  • Natural semi-fossilized wood, not stabilized, Dark grey/black color.
  • Age 800-8800 years
  • From Bogs in the South-East region of Belarus
  • The wood types offered here are well dried and without spider mite and woodworm. it can contain small knots and brushes which are very interesting when finished as a knife handle.
  • minimal size: 150 x 30 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 70-100 gram

NOTE: Delivered block may differ from the photo.

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