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CUSTOM Kagemitsu Amefuri Kurouchi Aogami #1 Gyuto (chef's knife), 240 mm

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CUSTOM Kagemitsu Amefuri Kurouchi Aogami #1 Gyuto

Hand-forged blade of non-stainless steel with a core of extremely hard Japanese Aogami #1 steel (Sanmai forged). The Kagemitsu Amefuri ("rainstorm") knives are specially forged for Japansemessen.nl and have been given the name to commemorate the bond and the eternal battle against water in both Japan and the Netherlands. In July 2019 it will be exactly 1 year since Japan endured the historically heavy rain showers, resulting in more than 175 victims.

A Gyuto is the Japanese variant of the Western chef's knife and is suitable for all jobs. The knife is designed to cut fish, meat and vegetables. The blade is not rust-resistant and double-sided sharpened. The handle is octagonal and therefore suitable for right and left-handed use.



Chefs knife

Lengte lemmet

Blade length

240 mm

240 mm


Aogami#1.  Blue Paper Steel.

Sanmai gesmeed met kernlaag van aogami. Buitenlaag met zwarte kurouchi..

Aogami#1.  Blue Paper Steel

Sanmai forged with core layer of Aogami. Kurouchi cladding.


Snijrand niet roestvrij.

Door de tijd ontwikkelt zich een patina

The cutting edge is not rustproof.

In time a bluish patina develops


± 63 HRC

± 63 HRC

Sharpening method


Double bevel

Sharpening angle





WA type, Hakkaku, achtkantig

WA type, Hakkaku, octagonal

Materiaal handvat
Handle material

Ebbenhout (zwartbruin)

Ebony wood (black/brown)


Bolster Material

Esdoorn  gestabiliseerd

Maple, stabilized

Spacer material



Links of rechtshandig

Left of right handed




Niet in afwasmachine

Schoon en droog maken na gebruik

Geen botten hakken, bevroren voedsel

Zorgvuldig behandelen.

No dishwasher

Clean and wipe dry after use

No cutting of hard stuff: bones or frozen food

Handle with care

Onderhoud mes

Maintenance knife

Eventueel in minerale olie (Camelia olie of Ballistol)

Gebruik geen metalen aanzetstaal

Gebruik keramische staaf of leren strop
Wekelijks aanzetten

Jaarlijks slijpen (let op slijphoek)


Blade can be wiped with mineral oil (Camelia oil or Ballistol)

Do not use of sharpening steel

Use ceramic sharpening rod or leather strop

Strop weekly

Sharpen yearly (take care of correct angle)

Onderhoud handvat

Maintenance handle

Niet in water laten liggen

Droogmaken met doek.

Als handvat schraal of ruw wordt:  inwrijven met Danish Oil

Do not leave in water or moist

Wipe dry with cloth

When coarse, rub with Danish Oil

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