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Kagemitsu Saya for Santoku 180 mm

€ 29,00 (including VAT)

Saya for a 180 mm Santoku (with a maximum height of 50 mm)

Protect yourself and your precious knife against damage, a simple wooden cover is the solution. These Magnolia (Honoki) wooden covers (Sayas) are produced manually in Japan.

Maximum blade size:

  • Lenght: 180 mm
  • Height: 50 mm
  • Thickness: 4 mm

This saya has no markings or engravements. If you want we can feature this saya with a beautiful laser engraving with Japanese characters and/or your logo/drawing. All sayas have an ebony pin to keep the knife in place.

These saya are specifically made for the Kagemitsu Amefuri blades but might fit other blades as well.

PLEASE NOTE: these sayas do not fit all knives from other brands as standard.

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