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Edge refinement (Edge polishing)

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The delivery time is 3 days.

Most Japanese knives are quite sharp "out of the box" but usually not as sharp as they could be. Also oxidation of the edge can cause a sub-optimal sharpness. Our "edge refinement" service ensures that you get a knife delivered to your home with an unsurpassed "out of the box" sharpness.

We polish the cutting edge (last 1-2 mm of the blade) in a number of steps up to a polishing stone of # 16,000 grit. Because of this polishing, there are no more grinding marks on the cutting edge (last 0,5-2 mm of the edge), so that the sharpness of the knife is retained for much longer.

Please note that the delivery time of an ordered knife will be approximately 3-5 days longer if you order this extra sharpening service.

Beware: the costs for the edge refinement will not be part of the refund if you cancel the order.


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