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Myanmar Camphor burl wood - wild-

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Beautiful piece of special "burl wood" from Myanmar. With this wood it is possible to manufacture a handle according to your wishes. 1 block contains enough wood for 2 traditional Japanese handles.

The camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora) belongs to the laurel family whose native growing area is Taiwan, Japan and southeastern China. Today, larger populations can be found in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The trees, which grow up to 30 m high and often get very old, have the typical glossy leathery leaves of the laurel family. The wood of camphor trees has a uniquely strong, spicy aromatic scent that most people know from cold ointments or tiger balm. The camphor oil contained in all plant parts plays an important role in medicine, but is also important for perfume production. The wood gets the heart of every woodworker through a silky smooth appearance, it is medium-hard, approx. 550 - 650 kg / m3 heavy and excellently workable, particularly resistant to rot and possible pests. For this reason, old sea chests were always made of camphor wood, as this was not attacked by exotic insects and the laundry in them always smelled pleasantly fresh! The tree can develop really huge knots, which have a nice fine wild grain and whose colors can vary from light brown-gray, yellow-green and red-brown to deep dark red.

  • Sample photos, actual pieces may vary.
  • There may be small inclusions, hollows, defects, holes and a few small drought cracks usually found in burlwood
  • Natural wood, not stabilized, not colored.
  • The types of wood offered here are well dried and without sapwood and woodworm.
  • For the photo we have provided the wood with a wood oil. The delivered wood has a "whitish" appearance.
  • Minimum 140x40x30 mm

NOTE: Supplied block may differ from the photo.

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