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Stabilized (natural) American Walnut (Juglans nigra) - straight grain -

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This beautiful stabilized wood comes from the American walnut. With this wood it is possible to manufacture a handle according to your wishes. 1 block contains enough wood for 2 traditional Japanese handles.

Because of the softness of walnut, this type of wood is often used for decorative furniture such as dressers or cupboards. In addition to a decorative application, walnut can also be used to create user furniture such as tables and chairs. However, the wood is very dent sensitive, so care should be taken with chairs made of walnut.

It is very easy to machine with both the hand and the machine. The advantage of this type of wood is that you can make something with less physical effort. The disadvantage, however, is that you may chisel or scrape away too much of the wood when machining.

Walnut is a fairly soft type of wood, making this type of wood perfect for beginning woodworkers!

Natural wood. This wood is stabilized (through and through) by treating the wood with vaccuum extraction and pressure with a mixture of natural turpentine oil and tung oil. After curing, this wood is highly resistant to moisture and other external influences.

The types of wood offered here are well dried and without knots, brushes, sapwood and woodworm.

Circa. 125x40x25 mm
NOTE: Block supplied may differ from the photo.

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