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Leather apron -camel-

€ 99,00 € 59,95 (including VAT)

For the real home chefs and BBQ heroes. It keeps your clothes clean while cooking and protects against heat and grease.

These aprons are made of smooth cow leather. The neck and waist are adjustable for an ideal fit and of course the apron protects you - the chef - from heat, splashes and grease. And even if it gets dirty, it is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Whether you work as a barber or like to run a seven-course dinner at home. Whether you are the BBQ king among your friends, brew your own beer or like to refurbish furniture, you name it. This apron is multi-usable and for everyone who strives for purity.

Beautiful unisex leather apron in the color Malawe Brown trimmed with black details. Both the neck and waist belt is adjustable so that the apron can be made to measure. By one-size-fits-all production we can offer this apron for an affordable price. These aprons feature an extra layer of cut-resistant fabric (Nylon-6) at chest height.

Nerf leather
These aprons are made of grain leather. Grain leather aprons are made from the top layer of the cow's skin, so where the hair has been. This gives the leather a beautiful and natural grain structure. Because the fiber structure is very dense here, the chance of tearing is extremely small. Nerfleer has the specific property that it is very durable in nature and little or not discolored. It is the most expensive part of the cowhide. The big advantage is the long life, the excellent quality and the beautiful natural looks.

We strive to keep our products pure and close to nature. This means that the treatment of our leather is 100% organic and without chemical additives, making the leather sustainable and biodegradable. In addition, we only use th

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