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Tadokoro Gyuto (chef's knife), 210 mm (Custommade)

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Tadokoro Gyuto

Double-sided sharpened blade with a core of special Yasuki Silver-3 steel with 2 layers of stainless steel. This knife is hand-forged by one of the master blacksmiths in Sakai, the knife is sharpened and finished by Makoto Tadokoro. The blade is extremely thin and manually sharpened and has no thickenings, making sharpening very easy. The handle is octagonal and made of Honoki wood with a special traditional Urushi laquer. A Gyuto is designed as a meat/fish knife but is suitable for all jobs. The knife is designed to cut fish, meat and vegetables and is comparable with the European "chef's knife".

  • Blade length: 210 mm
  • Total length: xxx mm
  • Weight: xxx grams
  • Steel type: core: Japanese Yasuki Silver #3 steel (stainless) with 2 layers of softer stainless steel. 
  • Hardness: 62 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: Straight octagonal handle from Honoki wood with a special traditional Red/blue Urushi laquer.

Special features: Tadokoro knives are available in very limited quantities. The knives are always produced in small batches. The polishing and sharpening is done completely manually by Makoto Tadokoro-san who is considered one of the best sharpeners in Japan. The level of finishing and sharpening is incomparable. Tadokoro knives are among the best knives in the world and are real collector's items.

Like all Japanese knives, the Tadokoro knives are not dishwasher safe and are susceptible to oxidation. Cleaning and drying after each use and putting them in oil (Camelia oil) is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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