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Wazakura Koryu Ikebana Floral Scissors 6.7"(170mm)

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Wazakura Koryu Ikebana Floral Scissors 6.7"(170mm)

Size: L 6.69 x W 3.93 x H 0.78 inch (170mm x 100mm x 20mm)
Length of Blades: 1.77 inch (45mm)
Weight: 6.52oz (185g)
Material: S58C black carbon steel
Ikebana: Koryu style
Made in Japan (Niigata prefecture)
Condition: New

【Made in Japan】
Real Japanese scissors made by the artisans of Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture.

【Multipurpose, Beginner Friendly】
Primarily designed for Ikebana flower arrangement, the long shank and short blades makes it versatile and beginner friendly, since it can be used not only for ikebana but for general flower arrangement and gardening, as well as for bonsai work.
Ideal for flower arrangement, ikebana, bonsai, gardening work, harvesting, etc.

【"Tsuru" Looped Handle】
Classic traditional Japanese design with looped shaped grip.
This allows for a less tiring user experience. For a more ergonomic control, use with gloves.

【Clean Cut, Sharp Edge】
With a short rounded but pointed edge, it severs flower fibers cleanly resulting in better water absorption.
The length of the blade makes it ideal for detailed work, but not suitable for thick branches.

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