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Wazakura Bonsai Double Edge Jin Knife 8.2 inch (210 mm)

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Wazakura Bonsai Double Edge Jin Knife 8.2 inch (210 mm)

Size: L 8.2 x W 0.4 x H 0.3 inch (210 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm)
Blade Length: 3 inch (79 mm)
Outer Blade Width: 0.3 inch (9 mm)
Inner Blade Width: 0.2 inch (7 mm)
Weight: 1.4 oz (41 g)
Material: Stainless Steel (Blade), Steel (Handle)
Origin: Made in Japan (Sanjo, Niigata prefecture)

【Made in Japan】
Real Japanese tools made by local artisans of Sanjo in Niigata Prefecture.

【Jin/Shari Tool, Deadwood Scraper】
Tool designed to create natural looking Jins and Sharis on your bonsai. It can also be used for other wood carving purposes.

【Double Edge Blade, Circular Shape】
The double edge is very sharp and sturdy on both sides. It is versatile, allowing to carve on any angle you need.

【How to Use】
Simply pull the edge of the blade across the bark to rapidly peel it off. This gives more control, it is safer than using traditional Western style chisels and put less stress on the roots of the tree since you do not need to hammer.

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