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Wazakura Twig Bonsai Scissors 7"(180mm)

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€ 46,95 (including VAT)

Wazakura Twig Bonsai Scissors 7"(180mm)

Size: L7.08 x W2.67 x H0.51 inch (180 x 68 x 13 mm)
Blades Length: 1.57 inch (40 mm)
Weight: 89 g (3.13 oz)
Material: S58C black carbon steel
Made in Japan (Niigata prefecture)
Condition: New

【Sturdy and Very Sharp Blades】
Ideal for bonsai, ikebana flower arrangement, rose, vegetable, fruit, plants and gardening work.

【Long handle Slim Design】
Makes it easier to get in between branches without hurting your bonsai branches; Great for basic trimming of small branches, twigs, and buds.

【Clean Cut】
With a sharp and sturdy blade edge, it severs wood fibers cleanly resulting in faster healing cuts.

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