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Misuzu Hamono (Yamato Miyawaki) VG-10 Kiritsuke-Gyuto (chef's knife), 210 mm

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Misuzu Hamono Gyuto 21cm,

This Japanese Chef's knife has a core of Japanese VG-10 stainless carbon steel with a Sanmai protective layer. This double-sided sharpened knife is completely handmade by master sharpener Yamato Miyawaki. The blade is very thin and manually sharpened and has no thickenings, which makes sharpening very easy. A Gyuto is the Japanese counterpart of the French chef's knife and can be used for meat, fish and vegetables.

  • Blade length: 210 mm
  • Total length: 335 mm
  • Blade height: 50 mm
  • Weight: 130-140 grams
  • Steel type: core steel: Japanese VG-10 stainless steel (Sanmai forged)
  • Hardness: 61 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: Round magnolia wooden handle with special brass bolster and traditional "Urushi" lacquer.

Like all Japanese knives, the handmade knives from Yamato Miyawaki are not dishwasher safe, cleaning and drying after each use is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

Located in the city of Miki, Japan, Misuzu Hamono is known as the first forge to forge non-rust-resistant carbon steel with stainless steel outer layers (Sanmai technique) in 1946 by the founder Mr.Suzuki Shinji. Due to the special construction of the blades, the edge can be made extremely sharp and the stainless steel outer layer can still protect the steel against corrosion and damage.
mr. Miyawaki, the third generation of Misuzu Hamono in his fifties, was trained in the famous knife town of Sakai until 2005 and became the chief artisan of Misuzu Hamono in 2006.

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