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Kagemitsu Saya for Sujihiki 240mm

€ 35,00 (including VAT)

Saya for a 240mm Sujihiki/Sujibiki (with a maximum height of xx mm)

Protect yourself and your precious knife from damage, a simple wooden cover is the solution. These Magnolia (Honoki) wooden covers (Sayas) are produced by hand in Japan.

Maximum blade size:

  • Length: 240mm
  • Height: xx mm
  • Thickness: x mm

This saya has no markings or engravings. If desired, we can provide this saya with a beautiful laser engraving with Japanese characters and/or your logo/drawing. All sayas have an ebony pin to hold the blade in place.

PLEASE NOTE: these sayas do not fit standard on all knives from other brands.

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