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Konosuke GS+ gyuto (chef's knife), 210 mm, Khii Chestnut -saya-

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Konosuke GS + gyuto, 210 mm, Khii Chestnut handle, SLD steel.

This is the improved version of the original GS series. The blade is double-sided and made from special Japanese SLD magic steel. The blade is extremely thin and manually sharpened and has no thickening which makes grinding very easy. The handle is octagonal and made from Japanese chestnut wood. The new GS + series distinguishes itself from the original GS series by a slightly higher Rockwell hardness, slightly higher blade, better finish and is equipped with a customized Magnolia wooden saya as standard. The knife is designed to cut fish, meat and vegetables and is the best-selling kitchen knife model.

  • Blade length: 210 mm
  • Total length: 350 mm
  • Weight: 117.4 grams
  • Steel type: Japanese SLD steel (stainless) with softer stainless steel on the outside.
  • Hardness: 61-62 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: Straight octagonal handle of very beautiful sand-colored Japanese Khii chestnut wood.
  • This knife is supplied with a Magnolia wooden case (saya)
  • Particulars: Konosuke knives are available in a very limited edition. The blades are always produced in small batches. The polishing and grinding is done by various professionals who work exclusively for Konosuke. The level of finishing and grinding is incomparable. The Konosuke knives are among the best knives in the world and are real collector items.

Like all Japanese knives, the Konosuke knives are not dishwasher safe, cleaning and drying after each use is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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