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Miki Masamitsu M403 Deba (traditional cleaver), 165 mm

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Miki M403 Deba, 165 mm,

This Japanese splitting knife has a Sanmai forged blade with core steel from Japanese Shirogami # 2 steel ("white steel") (non-stainless) and a softer steel type for the outside. This single-sided sharpened knife is completely hand-forged by Masamitsu-san in Miki Hamono's forge and is unique in its kind.

A deba knife is the typical Japanese cleaver knife, because of its sturdy shape this knife is extremely suitable for preparing fish and meat.

Because this knife has a Mune-machi (notch in the blade when entering the handle), the length is traditionally measured from the machi, so the blade is somewhat shorter than the "regular" usubas of the same length that are measured from the Ago (back point).

  • Blade length: 165 mm
  • Total length: 315 mm
  • Weight: 300-320 grams
  • Blade thickness (measured on the back): with handle: 7,5 mm and 5 cm from the tip: 4.1 mm
  • Steel type: core steel: Japanese Shirogami # 2 steel "white steel" (single-sided cut)
  • Hardness: 62-64 (Rockwell C)
  • Handle: oval handle of traditional Honoki wood ("Whitebark Magnolia") with black buffalo horn bolster.
  • NOTE: this knife is only suitable for right-handed use.

Like all Japanese knives, the handmade knives from Miki Hamono are not dishwasher safe, cleaning and drying after each use is the best treatment for these exclusive products.

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