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Japanese Beech (steamed)

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Japanese Beech (Fagus crenata)

Beech or also beech wood is a type of wood, one of the most important hardwood species for industry in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is the wood of the beech (Fagus sylvatica), a common tree species in almost all of Europe. In parts of Asia, in Japan and in eastern North America, species of the same genus (Fagus) are found, the wood of which has approximately the same material properties. These beech blocks are specially imported from Japan and are made from very well-dried and steamed Japanese beech from the Fagus crenata.

The color of the wood varies, depending on the origin, from whitish to slightly tan, with dark brown mirrors. These mirrors cause the characteristic drop-shaped drawing that you can always see with sawn and planed beech wood. There is little difference between the heartwood and the sapwood. The grain of beech wood is fine: it is easy to work and turn. Beech wood is a solid and fairly hard type of wood, which, however, is not durable, is poorly resistant to weather influences and quickly warps. It bends well.

This beech wood is steamed, making it more stable and less likely to deform under the influence of moisture or temperature changes.

At 15% moisture content, beech has an average volumic mass of 700 kilograms per cubic meter.

With this wood it is possible to manufacture a handle according to your wishes.

Natural wood, steamed, not colored.

The types of wood offered here are well dried.

approximately 125x40x25 mm

NOTE: Block supplied may differ from the photo.


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