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Korean knives

In South Korea, knives have been forged for centuries. In the communist era, a lively forge culture arose in which mainly women were used to forge knives. This "tradition" has continued even after South Korea has come under the yoke of communism. A number of women have revived the forging tradition and are now making very affordable knives from old railways. The blades are simple and effective and are not as beautifully finished as Japanese knives. The steel is comparable to 1080 steel and is therefore not rust-resistant. The handles are of regular wood and sometimes need a sandpaper to get them neat. The knives have an amazing sharpness retention, because the knives are manually forged and tempered and they have obtained excellent hardness (around the HRc 60-61). Most knives, however, still need a sharpening to get them in real sharp condition. We can offer this service for these knives. With this "upgrade" the knife is sharpened, the handle is made clean and the back and front (where your index finger is resting) of the blade is polished.

You can select this "upgrade" when ordering the knife.

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