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Magnetic knife block up to 8 knives -Cherry wood and walnut - (Sakuranbo Okashī)

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さくらんぼ おかしい
Sakuranbo Okashī 

Luxury cherry wood knife block, made in our own workshop, on which you can store the knives safely and conveniently. The strong magnets incorporated in the wood allow you to store up to 4 knives (magnetic on 1 side) or 8 knives (magnetic on 2 sides). Because the knives remain in sight, you have an immediate view of the blade types and you never miss out.

Cherry wood.; originally this referred to the wood of the sweet cherry (Prunus avium). In the days when cherry orchards in Europe were standard orchards, this species provided a much appreciated wood, suitable for furniture, but with the disappearance of standard orchards this wood has largely disappeared from the market.

This luxury block also serves as a display, so you can also use this shelf to display your knife collection in a beautiful and safe way.

  • Dimensions: h x w x d = 315 x 300 x 65 mm (including walnut base plate)
  • Material: solid steamed Cherry wood (Thanks to the thermal modification, the effect of the wood is much less, it gets a nice warm color and the weight is lower)
  • The shelf can be fitted with magnets on 1 or 2 sides, you can specify this yourself during the order.
  • The magnets used have no negative effects on your expensive knives (damascus or sanmai forged)
  • the base of the holder is made of European Walnut
  • Because wood is a natural product, the blocks differ from each other. The colors and drawing in the wood varies per block supplied.
  • The block is delivered without the knives shown.
  • It is possible to have the block provided with a Tung oil layer, this oil is very suitable for wood and will greatly extend its lifespan. NOTE: Applying and curing this special oil takes time and will extend the delivery time by at least 7 days!

Unique blocks! only available at Japaneseknives.eu

You can also have this block engraved by our laser engraving service, we can engrave any text, logo, picture or even photo to give the plank an exclusive character. Standard engraving will be the Japansemessen.nl logo. The delivery time can then be 1-2 weeks longer due to limited stock.

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