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4 sided stropping wood - leather - incl. sharpening paste

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Unique design! 4-sided stropping board on wooden support made of 1st quality saddle leather of 2.5mm thickness, glued to heavy oak.

For finishing the edge after sharpening, but also for regularly restoring the sharpness of the edge (if not too blunt).
Use the strop without the addition of polishing paste or spray to remove the burr after grinding or in combination with polishing paste or spray to polish the edge.
A well-polished edge not only looks good, but also ensures a longer service life of the sharpness!

This shelf can be used on 4 sides and can easily be turned during use. Thanks to the engraved numbering on the front of the board, you can never make a mistake about the type of grit.

  • European oak, laminated against possible twisting due to the effect of the wood
  • Equipped with 4 strips of natural tanned saddle leather (bovine leather) of 30 x 6 cm
  • Oak base with milled recesses.
  • With rubber feet for extra strength.
  • Dimensions 34 cm x 6.5 cm, height 10 cm (including base)
  • Including a set of 4 tubes of diamond grinding paste (0.5, 1.5, 7 and 20 micron). Other types of polishing paste can be ordered here.
  • Manufactured in our own workshop!
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