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Asian chopsticks rose-gold -Stainless steel-

€ 4,95 € 3,95 (including VAT)

Affordable chopsticks made of rose-gold colored stainless steel.

  • Square rounded
  • 34-36 grams per set of 2
  • 23.5 cm long.
  • Made in Korea
  • Sold per set (2 sticks)

Chopsticks are the traditional eating tool of the East Asian countries: China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. They consist of two thin, equally long sticks, which are held with one hand and move the food from the plate to the mouth with a scissoring movement.

Usually they are made of wood or bamboo, but sometimes also of stone, ivory or bone. Nowadays there are also chopsticks made of plastic. In Korea, metal chopsticks are used.

When using chopsticks, the food should be served pre-sliced. This is therefore the main reason that oriental food is stir-fried. Chopsticks allow much more precise selection — it is even possible to remove one grain of rice from the plate.

Because a chopstick is obviously not suitable as a cutting tool, many ingredients are pre-cut before being prepared. Cutting food at the table is considered 'not done' in Chinese and other East Asian cultures; a knife is seen as a weapon and weapons do not belong on the table. The advantage of cutting the ingredients into smaller pieces is that it allows stir-frying as a preparation method, which shortens cooking times and thus also saves energy.

The use of disposable wooden chopsticks, as commonly used in Japan, is one of the main causes of deforestation. Our metal chopsticks therefore contribute to a better environment!

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